Active Democracy Report Calls For More Voices in CUC Decisions

THE CUC Active Democracy Study Group has released its final report, recommending that more voices be brought into CUC decision-making, more effectively, and much more frequently than at Annual General Meetings.

CUC Active Democracy Study GroupThe report also urges improved and more accessible communication between congregations, individuals, stakeholder groups and the CUC’s Council, Board and staff.

The Study Group’s report, titled Strengthening Our Democratic Voices, was released on April 20, and will be officially presented at the 2012 CUC Annual General Meeting in Ottawa on May 18.

Its 22 recommendations — the result of wide consultation, including national workshops and an on-line survey — also cover themes such as delegate selection; wider discussion of issues among member congregations; ensuring recognized stakeholder groups have an appropriate voice; and on-line participation in future meetings.

The Active Democracy Study Group was Co-Chaired by John Hopewell, a long-time Board member and Past President of the CUC, and Rev. Karen Fraser Gitlitz, with representation from ministry, professional religious educators, youth, young adults, and all four CUC regions. CUC’s member congregations created the Study Group in 2010, with a wide mandate to review democratic processes in the organization.

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Download the Study Group report:

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  1. I applaud the decision not to raise individual membership fees for membership in the CUC much but want you to know that even $91.00 is way too high in my opinion. I am Special Fundraising Projects Coordinator at First Unitarian Church of Victoria and was appalled to learn that the amount of $ we raised this year is almost exactly what our church sent to you as its share….and we have serious money problems of our own! Your programs are worthy, but I suspect that many people in my position may feel that “what we can’t afford we shouldn’t buy”, at least for now!

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