Watershed Moment for Canadian Unitarian Universalism?

Every person experiences moments of profound change. Someone places an impossibly tiny, completely defenseless creature in your arms, and the meaning of your life is forever altered. You stand in your robes with a freshly printed diploma in your hands, and your place in the world is no longer the same. You gather with others to remember someone now eternally absent, and the universe has been reconfigured.  These occasions are often called “watershed moments” or “turning points.”

Watershed moments can also come to groups, or institutions, or even nations.  A new sense of purpose or new goals can arise from conflict or agreement, an incident or a discovery.  When the history of our era is written, this time might be considered a turning point for the Canadian Unitarian Council and for Unitarianism in Canada.

Read the discussion paper “Canadian Unitarian Council: Turning Towards the Future” for a description of our current challenges, the Board’s proposed future vision, and to see how you can get involved! You can provide your input by submitting a competed Board Feedback Form.

[See the December 2013 eNews for more background]