ABC’s of the Canadian UU Community

Decode the Alphabet Soup!

Here is a listing of the main acronyms, innitalisms and other jargon of many well known UU events and groups, with an emphasis on youth and young adult related terms.

ACM – Annual Conference and Meeting of the Canadian Unitarian Council, held on the May Victoria Day long weekend.

BCYAC – the British Columbia Youth Adult Committee, this regional planning group meets several times a year in person and by teleconference to plan the Youth Con that happens in conjuction with the BC Regional Fall Gathering. See ‘YAC’

CanUUdle – the annual, national, social and business conference for youth in Canada. It is run by a youth led staff and held concurrently with the CUC ACM.

CanU – the semi-annual Canadian Unitarian newsletter

CAYAC – Canadian Advisory Youth Adult Committee, was a committee composed of youth representatives from regional YACs as well as 2 adult advisors, the YOB and the former CUC Director of Lifespan Learning. This committee was disbanded in 2008.
Learn more about Youth Governance. 

Chrysalis Trainings – A set of five 15-hour (weekend-long) training or “learning conference” curricula that offer deepening and skill building in four areas of Youth Ministry. These trainings are usually co-lead by an youth and adult team and are for youth and adult youth allies to attend together.  These streams include: Leadership Development, Spirituality Development, Youth Advisor training and Chaplain (peer counseling). These Learning Cons are usually organized for a cluster or region.
Contact CUC YaYA Ministry Staff about hosting one at your congregation.

CON – an abbreviation for Youth Conference.  Generally, weekend long events where youth from a cluster or region meet, often at a church or at camp facility to build community, have worship, bond with each other and have a lot of general fun and fellowship for a weekend with their UU peers.  Cons are often intensely loved because of the inclusive community that is created at them and for the intimacy and depth of sharing that happens throughout the weekend and especially during worships.
Learn more about Youth Cons

CUURE – Canadian Unitarian Universalist Religious Educators, is a newly formed, national LREDA chapter open to all Canadian religious educators.
Learn more about the CUURE’s inception. 

C*UUYAN – Continental UU Young Adult Network, is a community of UU Young Adults ages 18 – 35 and among other things, hosts the annual spiritual retreat for Young Adults called Opus which has been held every summer (except for 2008 and 2009) since 1986.  C*UUYAN is currently in a state of transition as it shifts to becoming the organization Faith Architects.

DRE & DLL – Director of Religious Education or Director of Lifespan Learning, the two most common names for the position of congregational staff who over sees and supports the religious education and faith formation programs of a UU congregation or fellowship.

GA – General Assembly is the annual meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association, held in late June each year.

Goldmine – stands for the Goldmine Youth Leadership School, which is 5 – 7 day long, intenstive leadership development program for youth held in the summer and usually put on by a UUA District or Region or by the CUC.

Lay Chaplain – is a lay person who is specially trained and authorized to preform marriages, memorial services and other rites of passage for members of UU congregations who are lay-led and or for members of the general public. Not to be confused with Youth Chaplains.

LDC – Leadership Development Conference, is a Chrysalis Training to help youth and advisors/DREs/youth allies learn leadership and community development skills together, while gaining insights into what youth empowerment is about.

LREDA – Liberal Religious Educators Association, is the continental, professional association for UU Religious educators.

Northern Lights – is new fundraising program that lets Canadian UUs directly support growth projects in congregations across the country. This is done through a growing network of individual UUs who agree to become Chalice Lighters, and donate an amount they choose twice a year to selected projects.
Learn more about the current Northern Lights project.

OPUS  – an annual, spiritual retreat for Young Adults and is the official conference of CUUYAN.  OPUS takes place every summer at a different location in either the United States or Canada.

QuOM  – the combined Youth Adult Committee for the Central and Eastern regions (stands for Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes) which is currently in a dormant period.
Contact the CUC YaYA Ministry staff if you are interested in reviving the QuOM. 

RFG  – Regional Fall Gathering, a multigenerational weekend gathering for learning, networking and sharing of ideas in each of the four CUC regions. Includes program streams, worship, & special events. Often includes or runs concurrently with a regional Youth Con.

RRYSC – Radical Religious Youth Steering Committee, the Youth Adult Committee for the Western Region which is currently in a dormant period.
Contact the CUC YaYA Ministry staff if you are interested in reviving the RRYSC.

Sharing Our Faith – is a funding program for Canadian UU congregations administered by the CUC.

SDC – Spirituality Development Conference, a Chrysalis Training to help youth and advisors/DREs/youth allies further deepen their own sense of spirituality, while learning about the theory and practice of worship and getting to put practice those newly learned skills in a supportive setting.

UUA – Unitarian Universalist Association, the association of UU congregations in the United States.

UUMOC – Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada, this is the Canadian chapter of the Unitarian Universalist Minister’s Association which is the professional association for UU minister.  UUMOC acts as the formal, collegial and representative body for Canadian UU ministers.

YAC – Youth Adult Committee or Youth Advisory Committee, this is common name for a congregational or regional advisory/planning/governing/communications group that includes both youth and adults. Sometime called a Youth Steering Committee.

YaYAs – ‘Youth and Young Adults’, generally understood to mean people fourteen to thirty-five 35 years of age.

Youth Chaplain – refers to a youth or an adult serving as a Chaplain at a Youth Con. Not to be confused with a Lay Chaplain, this role can be filled by youth or adults who have taken Chrysalis Chaplain Training, as well as by UU seminarians and ordained clergy. Youth Chaplains receive training in peer listening and are responsible for supporting the pastoral and spiritual needs of the Con community.

PNWD YES – the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Pacific Northwest District’s Youth Empowerment Services, the PNWD’s equivalent to a YAC, a selected group of youth (with adult support) who apply to work on this group to help support youth ministry in the district. The YES team and the BCYAC collaborate sometimes around Con planning.

YOB  – Youth Observer to the Board, this is a peer elected position that a youth holds on the CUC board, with a 1 year term, renewable for 2 terms.

YRUU – Young Religious Unitarian Universalists, the formerly continental program for youth ministry, which was administered and funded UUA Youth Office.  It was dismantled in 2007.