50 Delegates Debate 2012 AGM Resolutions in Resolutions Plenary

Sarnia Port Huron delegates introduce the proposed 2012 Lay Chaplaincy resolutions. (Photo: Bunty Albert)

50 DELEGATES from Canadian Unitarian Council member congregations across Canada gathered at The Westin Ottawa on Thursday, May 17 to debate and discuss resolutions that will be proposed at tomorrow’s CUC Annual General Meeting.

There was spirited discussion of a proposed CUC Criminal Justice Policy resolution, a proposed new CUC Policy on Environmentally and Socially Responsible Investing, and changes to Lay Chaplaincy, including a loosening of term limits and reappointment rules for small lay-led congregations.

A proposal to change the term “Lay Chaplain” to “Celebrant” proved the most controversial, with many congregations expressing reservations.

The Resolutions Plenary gave proponents the chance to introduce and defend their resolutions before the official meeting, and delegates an opportunity to ask questions, and suggest minor amendments.

The full text of each proposed 2012 resolutions is available on the CUC Annual Meeting page, along with other key AGM documents.

Live coverage on Twitter

CUC live-reported the Plenary on its Twitter feed, @uuCanada. The live reporting will continue throughout Friday’s Annual General Meeting, from 9am to 5pm Eastern time. Members can find and join the conversation using the hashtag #cucagm