Northern Lights new Northern Lights is a unique fundraising program which supports growth initiatives by congregations and communities. This year, Northern Lights is piloting crowdfunding – an exciting experiment put together by Liz James, Sean Neil-Barron and Christopher Wulff.

In the past, Northern Lights applications have gone to a selection panel, which has chosen one recipient and asked donors from across the country to send donations to that project. This will still happen – but the application will happen on a crowdfunding site so that donors from outside the Northern Lights program will have the opportunity to be involved, and so that project recipients will be more easily able to activate their personal networks to help fund their project.

This year, 5 projects have been submitted for consideration:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Head over to the new Northern Lights website to pledge to the project/s of your choice by Feb 1st. Your donation will not be processed yet – if your project is successful in meeting their fundraising target, your donation will  be processed after March 15th.
  2. On February 1st – the Northern Lights Grant Committee will select one eligible project to showcase and a fundraising email will be sent out to all Northern Lighters. The Grant committee will take into consideration if a project has been able to generate pledges on their own. The Congregation/Community that posted the successful project will have access to the Northern Lights list to support their fundraising efforts.
  3. On March 15th – all projects submitted to the program will able to accept donations until March 15th. Any and all projects that meet their fundraising goal by March 15th will be able to directly collect their donation and will send out tax receipts to all donors.
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